Robert Kett and the Norfolk Rebellion

Publication date: 23 February 2012

ISBN No: 9781781560709


Product Description

Robert Kett was a middle aged yeoman farmer from Wymondham, Norfolk.

In 1549 he led a rebellion supporting the common man in tearing down enclosed fences that the rich had put up. Kett and his men met up at an old oak tree in Hethersett which is now known as Kett’s Oak and they marched onto Norwich and camped at Mousehold heath. In a short time Kett had over 16,000 men on his side. A Royal army of 1,500 soldiers was sent to quail the situation, but it was no match for Kett’s men and the city was soon in his hands. Another Royal army of 14,000 was sent led by the Earl of Warwick and the rebellion was quashed. Robert and his brother William was arrested and charged with treason. On 7 December Robert was executed at Norwich Castle and William at Wymondham Abbey. Today Robert is a hero in Norwich for supporting a common cause.


"Michael Chandler has produced a wonderfull book about my ancestor Robert Kett who led an army of 14,000 men in to battle against the crown."

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