Murder and Crime Norwich

Publication Date: 04 October 2010

ISBN No: 9780752456560

Available at all good book shops, or buy direct at The History Press


This absorbing collection delves into the villanous deeds that have taken place in Norwich and its surrounding areas. Cases of murder, robbery and fraud are all examined as the darker side of the city's past is exposed.

From cases as famous as the murder of William of Norwich, which led to the expulsion of the Jewish race from England in 1290, to little-known crimes such as the tragic case of a man suffering from depression murdering his fiancee, this book sheds a new light on the city's criminal history.

Illustrated with a wide range of archive material and modern photographs, Murder & Crime Norwich is sure to fascinate both residents and visitors alike as these shocking events of the past are revealed for a new generation.


"Seeing as I am from Norwich and have a interest in history this book appeared to be the perfect combination, and it did not fail to disappoint. This book gives detailed accounts of all the gruesome murders and crimes that happened throughout Norwich over the years. It also uses accounts from people at the time making the stories come that much more to life. Overall was a thoroughly enjoyable book."

"Reading this gripping book allowed me to be transformed into the actual court case to view the proceedings. Michael Chandler certainly gripped me with his true stories. The book also has a great collection of pictures. The stories were all of a correct size to enable the reader to digest the chapters. I have read many crime stories based on Norfolk murders, but Michael Chandler knows how to tell a story and to keep it in the readers mind. My favourite story was of Rosa Kowen who was arrested for the murder of her husband James. I would and will recommend this book to all my friends and family. I hope that there will be a follow up to this book by the author as it would be high on my list to purchase it."


I am pleased to announce that the RNIB have a CD of the book for sale.

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